Hillcrest Farmers Market

Fresh & Fabulous, just like Hillcrest!

Open every Sunday from 9 AM to 2 PM

Including Christmas & New Years Weekend!

Located on Normal Street between University Ave. and Lincoln Street.

The Hillcrest Farmers Market consists of over 175 vendors offering a wide variety of locally grown in-season fruit, produce, gifts, arts and crafts, and flowers. Many of the local farmers participating in the market grow their produce organically or with no pesticides. The market also hosts a large variety of prepared food and hot food items with an emphasis on international cuisine. Each week, there are a large number of arts and crafts vendors, as well as weekly entertainment performed by a variety of bands. Check out the heart of the market to see who’s playing.


300 FREE Spaces at the School District Parking Lot on Campus Ave.

153 FREE Spaces at the Hillcrest DMV at 3960 Normal Street. Sunday Hours: 7AM- 3AM.

For more information on the Farmers Market, please visit the Hillcrest Farmers Market website.