Bike Lanes Are Coming to Hillcrest: Construction Begins on 5th & Spruce Street

Bike Lanes Are Coming to Hillcrest: Construction Begins on 5th & Spruce Street

Construction has begun on 5th and Spruce Streets, and will soon start on Thorn Street, which is one of five segments planned as part of the Fourth and Fifth Avenue Bikeways project.

The project consists of approximately 2.25 miles of separated bikeways and buffered bike lanes on Fourth Avenue and Fifth Avenue from B Street to Washington Street, resulting in the creation of approximately 4.5 miles of new bikeways that connect the neighborhoods of Hillcrest, Bankers Hill, and Downtown San Diego. The project aims to make bike riding a safer and more convenient choice for commuters living in uptown neighborhoods.

Other project features will include high-visibility crosswalks, edge islands, separated bikeways, buffered bike lanes, bike friendly intersections, and other walking and biking treatments that will make the streets more pleasant for people who travel, work, and live in the area.

Hillcrest Will See More Protected Bike Lanes; Same Amount of Parking & Patio Seating

Once construction is completed, the Hillcrest community will have access to dedicated bike lanes along 5th Avenue going north; 4th Avenue traveling south bike commuters will be able to travel safely in protected bike lanes or Downtown to Hillcrest.

The project will also include traffic calming measures and improvements for people walking, such as high visibility crosswalks, curb extensions, and rapid flashing beacons.

Plus, good news for the community of Hillcrest: construction won’t affect any parking spaces along the bikeways, and all parking will remain along the bike lane once it’s completed. SANDAG is also working collaboratively with the parking district to allow all restaurant outdoor patio seating to remain along the bikeways during the pandemic and mobility lane construction.

The new bikeways are anticipated to open to the public in 2022. Be sure to stay up-to-date with up-and-coming information about the Fourth and Fifth Avenue Bikeways project on our blog and the Keep San Diego Moving website.

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